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Think in this Idea, Wolfram or (wolframio in Spanish) mean that all the bullet can be of a low caliber with the same power of penetrate an armour. Other materials like Molybdenum Vanadium add to this material and put in a bullet, give a power destruction armor incredible. This idea wasn't new, the Pak41 try to put in practice, but the German can't have this strategical materials in quantity enough.

Imagine, a antitank rifle of 13mm introducing a bullet in 50mm of iron. Logically this elements can used to reinforce the armour, making this more lightweight.

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Seems interesting. But the year is 1934, the Republic haven't created its own Armored Corps yet (there are some tanks, armored cars and tanklets serving with the chivalry regiments) and the thought of armored force invasion doesn't exactly bother its military leadership.
I'll write a piece on the Atlantic Armor quite soon.
Perhaps we need a developement and science ministery. This can be a new discussion.


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